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Employer of the Year



Eating at Middletown’s Taco Bell on Washington Street remains a lunchtime routine for the employees of the CRS Middletown office. One day, a CRS employee inquired about a hiring sign that was posted on Taco Bell’s drive thru window. Little did we know that this simple conversation would turn into a great opportunity. The manager took the time to provide a job description as we waited for our food. This interaction illustrated that both parties would benefit from this newfound business relationship.


From that point on, Taco Bell has since worked with CRS to fill its employment needs. Within a week, a CRS participant started new hire paperwork. This momentum has increased to three more recent hires from our program. These are the type of relationships that are critical in getting our population back to work and able to provide for themselves and their families.


We are extremely grateful for Taco Bell’s role in allowing our members to build confidence and earn a living. Taco Bell has made a significant investment towards our consumers’ rehabilitation as they equip them with the skills to succeed in the food service industry. Thank you Taco Bell for your vital role in the lives of our participants!